1.  Why should I utilize your services? 

     We are an LLC.      

     We are also: 

  • Mature 
  • Honest 
  • Reliable
  • Hard working
  • AND experienced!

2.   How much will this cost me?    

       There is an initial set-up fee.   We ask for a  portion of that fee as a      


       The rest of the set-up we take from the sales  if there is enough to do 

            so.  Otherwise, we must have the entire fee up-front.

       We take a percentage of the overall profit from the sales.      

3.  How do you price my items?    

      We price them to sell.       

      We are experienced in pricing items.  

      We know what the area  market will tolerate. 

4.   What if I don't agree with your pricing?       

       Talk to us.         

       We will explain our pricing method.       

       We will utilize the prices you want if we feel they will sell 

              at that price.        

4.  What if I have a few special items I want sold at certain prices?      

        Let us know and we will set that price for you.

5.  What happens if buyers offer lower prices?

       We have  established guidelines for that possibility.