All house and garage contents sold


We sell every item that still has use - even partially filled bottles of shampoos and cleaning fluids!

Everything marked


Shoppers hate having to ask for prices  We remove that annoyance by pricing every item whether it's 25 cents or $250.  

Items staged beautifully!


We have a knack for display!  As one customer said, "A lot of my things I considered 'junk' but, by the time Karen set them up, they looked like a million dollars!"

Advertised through newspaper and Facebook ads


AT OUR COST we place ads in the local newspaper as well as on Facebook.  Facebook helps us target specific areas as well as specific people - reaching thousands of people we would not have reached otherwise.

Shared on up to 15 free sites


There are an amazing array of free sites on the internet.  We take advantage of each one.

We welcome early sales


We begin to advertise weeks before the actual sale with pictures.  Immediately we begin to  get daily phone calls and emails.  We promptly answer each one.  We also sell before the 'official sale' if customers are interested in the larger items..